Do you want to start a business?

We offer you all the conditions you need to invest your passion in a successful business!

We offer you:
  • The store space, including furniture and equipment.
  • Payment of monthly expenses directly to the suppliers, as well as renovation, reparation and maintenance work.
  • Operational training (orders, stocks, management) and gastro-culinary training (recipes, equipment, hygiene norms).
  • Support at our HQ from dedicated teams: Operational, Accounting, Training, Marketing.
  • Fixed income and commission according to sales.
  • Opportunities to advance within the network: depending on your results, you can take over other stores.

You add passion to the mix:
  • Time and enthusiasm to fully commit to your business.
  • Your team, which you will recruit, hire and motivate every day to obtain the best results.
  • You only pay a guarantee equal to the average sales on four days. It is returned to you at the end of the collaboration.*

*If all conditions are respected.

Trimite CV-ul tau pe adresa de e-mail recrutare@lagardere-tr.ro

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